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Shenyang Liming Mechanical Component Factory, a leading manufacturer specialized in kinds of helical inserts, screw thread inserts, insert matching tools as well as metal sealing rings in China. We have certified by ISO9001-2000 International Quality System in 2002, and got the honor of "The Best Honesty Corporation in Liaoning Province" from 2005 to 2007, obtained the certificate of "War Industry Product" in 2010, acquired Certificate of Conformity of Military Products Quality Management System Certification in 2011, and audited onsite by SGS in March of 2015.
Mr. Wenxiang Shi, the director of our factory, has designed and developed the first screw thread inserts of China in 1965, also draw up and compiled the first screw thread inserts standard of China and related standard HB5513-5516-80. He wins rewards for progress in science and technology in 1979 and 1980 because of the two achievements in scientific research. On 1st March 2010, "the national standard of screw thread inserts" compiled by us and issued formally.
Director Wenxiang Shi organizes the science research and production of wire thread insert in person for a dozen years. Our products have gone through tests from the important military field for years, and widely used in the fields such as the "Shenzhou VI" "Shenzhou VII" spacecraft, "Chang'e I" satellite, and launch vehicles, missiles, etc. The quality is in the leader position. With years of hard work, we have got more than 20 national patents. We offer threaded inserts for many military enterprises including Beijing Satellite Manufacture Factory, Shanghai Spaceflight Manufacture Factory, Shanghai 800 Institution, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, Beijing Xinghang Mechanical-electrical Equipment Factory, Spaceflight Long March Launch Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd, Xi'an Aero-engine Group Ltd. We also supply the products to the overseas group company, e.g. GE, and Hitachi, etc.
With the developing of helical thread insert, we expanded the applications of products in civilian fields. At present, our products are widely used in auto, electron, machinery, shipbuilding, communication, aerospace industry and so on. In future, we will continually satisfy our clients with the perfect products, competitive prices and best services.