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Congratulate Liming Mechanical Component on gaining Safety Production Standardization Certificate

Date:Jun 10,2013

 In recent years, regardless of the country or enterprise, more and more keenly aware of the importance of safety. Guo Fa (2010) No. 3 circular calling 2015 the country the size of enterprises fully completed safety standardization, Shenyang earlier than the national requirements by the end of 2013 to complete the city's enterprise security standardization.

August 2012 Shenyang Liming mechanical components factory received the Shenyang Metro Puhe Administration of Work Safety Bureau issued a notice morally, I plant as an exemplary enterprise required to complete the standardization of production safety compliance assessment in late September. I plant as a manufacturing enterprise based on "metallurgical industry and trade enterprises safety standardization basic norms score table" Implementation evaluation. After nearly a month of intense preparation, through self-assessment, made the assessment of applications, assessment and other assessment agencies work successfully completed in September 2012 through a one-three enterprises safety standardization review. Obtain the certificate in May 2013, so far as my unit adds yet another honor.

It passed the safety review also proved dawn member staff from top to bottom as one, united, more determined to make the business bigger and stronger determination! Enterprise development, safety always comes first!

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