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"2014 China International Machine Tool Exhibition" Invitations

Date:Jun 14,2014

I set the company on June 18, 2014 to June 22, 2014 to participate in "2014 China International Machine Tool Exhibition" in Beijing New China International Exhibition Center. We hope that through this opportunity with the majority of users work together to discuss and exchange threaded sheath product problems, then, I plant will be on display: wire Lo sets of products, thread jacket products, supporting tools, etc.,

I plant will be the most professional products and the best team waiting for your arrival!

We invite you to visit. We honored!




Shenyang Liming Machinery Factory configuration



Exhibition schedule:
Extension of opening hours: audience June 18, 2014 Zhi 22 am 9:00 - 4:30 pm



Venue Address: Shunyi District, Beijing Tianzhu area Yuxiang Road 88.

Hall No: No. W4 Hall (West Hall 4).

Booth: W4-C308

Show Contact: Wu Di

Phone: 13332405321

Getting There:

Subway: Wangjing West Station is exchanged about 10 minutes walk from the subway station after the New China International Exhibition on the 15th subway line.

Bus: You can take 915,918,923,934,, 955,970,980,987 bus lines to Shunyi Maliandian or pear Hom Station and get off the bus, walk to the new country to visit.

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